Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread is a traditional homemade bread that is quite simple to make. The “main” ingredient are of course pumpkins – you can use fresh or canned pumpkins. Fresh taste better, canned make the process simpler, faster and give a bit stronger pumpkin taste. Besides pumpkins and all the usual bread ingredients people often add cinnamon, walnuts, pecans (or any other nuts) and raisins to the recipe to spice up their pumpkin bread. Depending on how you prepare it and what you put in and on top of it pumpkin brad can be a dessert or just a bread to go with your soup or sandwich.

There are quite a few different pumpkin bread recipes and I try to collect them and put them on this site. If you have your own version of pumpkin bread recipe, I’ll be very glad if you send it to me. If you don’t and if you use one of the recipes already on the website then just please give them a rating so we can build a list of the best pumpkin bread recipes and find out which one tastes best :).

Thanks for visiting and here are the recipes:

  • Quick and Easy Pumpkin Bread Desserts such as cheesecake, pumpkin bread, cranberry muffins, or Yorkshire pudding can all be excellent culinary choices. A very simple nut bread to prepare is pumpkin bread. It can be prepared ahead of time and stored for later enjoyment, or it can be served warm.
  • A Delicious And Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe For Beginners Have you ever wondered how to prepare a gluten-free, but yet delicious, pumpkin bread? Well, look no further because below I will show you step by step how to bake my grandma’s favorite food. It is done quickly, easy and hassle-free, and is so rewarding. So, come along and join me…
  • Easy Pumpkin Bread Recipe with Fresh Pumpkins! This particular recipe allows bakers the freedom to choose their own nuts for the pumpkin bread. Bakers will also get the chance to make their own pumpkin puree. In a few simple steps, this recipe will show you how to make a delicious loaf of fresh pumpkin bread with nuts.
  • Healthy Pumpkin Bread Recipe Sweet and spicy pumpkin bread is a delicious and easy to make crowd-pleaser. It makes a delicious dessert, snack, or breakfast food. It’s a great recipe for all ages, but especially easy and fun to bake with kids…even picky eaters can’t resist the allure of pumpkin bread!
  • Simple And Easy Pumpkin Bread Recipe With A Twist – Pumpkin Rolls Even a beginner at baking bread will not fail with this easy recipe for pumpkin bread. It consists of ingredients most people readily have on hand. Preparation takes only about twenty minutes. Rising time varies depending on room temperature, usually between three and four hours from start to finish. The recipe yields 18 dinner rolls. ...
  • Easy Automatic Pumpkin Bread Recipe For Bread Machine This moist, flavorful automatic bread is easy to make, requiring only 10-15 minutes of active preparation time, and will fill your house with the warm autumn scents of pumpkin and cinnamon. It can be made with either fresh or canned pumpkin puree.
  • Low Fat Pumpkin Bread Recipe Pumpkin bread has become a popular fall treat – traditional sweet bread that may make you think of pumpkin pie. This particular bread recipe is a low fat version for those of you trying to lose weight or who just want to keep fat out of your diet.